Do foster parents get paid well?

What is a foster parent?

Being a foster parent can really be a great experience. A foster parent is a parent who takes care of children who are not their own. These children have unfortunately separated from their biological parents due to various causes. The main challenge of being a foster parent is to take care of the child like one’s own in a loving caring and sharing manner.

Are there any particular requirements in order to be a foster parent?

Being a foster parent is not an easy job. In order to be a foster parent, one needs to undergo a proper training. Different factors are also taken into consideration like

  • The background and financial condition of the parent
  • Inspection of the house in which the parent lives
  • A well verified family home license
  • And a well adaptable family that is cooperative

How much is a foster parent paid?

Now the real question is to, How Much Do Foster Parents Get Paid? A foster parent is not paid like normal salaried person. They are given a base rate payment for taking care of the child on a temporary basis. This payment is given to them so that they can provide the child with different requirements such as:-

Food – This includes all kinds of food that covers for the nutritional requirements of the child so that he grows up to be a strong and healthy human being.

Clothing – All kinds of clothes that can be purchased as well as replaced if necessary.

Housing – So that all kind of personal equipments can be maintained properly.

Any kind of personal and accidental insurance that the child will be given in case of requirements.

And last but not the least transportation costs so that the parent can take the child to school or any kind of recreational centre.

Slabs of payment

If you would like to know how much do foster parents get paid, these are the following slabs

  • The base rate payment for a foster parent is around 575$ for a child who is under 5 years old
  • The base rate payment for a foster parent is around 655$S from 6-12 years
  • And 741$ for a child of 13-20 years old

    These payments are made on a per month basis.

Apart from that, there are shelter care payments which are only paid to certified families during the initial 20 days when the child is in the care of the department. This is a onetime payment which is made for the child.

Enhanced Shelter payment is made for the child in the first 20 days of care with a family who has been certified

Apart from that payments depend on the requirements of the child as and when required. Personal care includes the child’s toiletries, nutritional requirements, hygiene, and others whereas transportation charges include travelling from one place to another, studying in school, and attending recreation centers and extracurricular activities.

These are the details as to how much do foster parents get paid when they plan to take care of a child on a temporary basis.


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