What does it take to declaw your cat?

Do you think that you need to declaw your cat for certain reasons? Is your cat being a menace in the society going on biting and scratching everyone? Declawing should be done to a cat only if claws are not desirable. Claws are of great help to a cat. They help the cat to keep grip of the ground and also search for prey and catch them. However if you feel that the claws should not be kept it is better that the claws are declawed. Readers who would like to know How Much Does It Cost To Declaw A Cat can continue reading for information.

Why declawing should not be done

Scratching is a very natural behavior of cats. This is a means to protect themselves from strangers .The normal scratching habits include pillars and posts, boxes, doors and carpets. However if this scratching is recurrent incase of human beings, declawing is a last option. Before declawing one should try and trim the claws of the cat. They should be taught not to scratch people. If scratching is hard to control try declawing a cat in the best hospital to avoid any kind of infections or injury.

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It is important that after declawing a cat, the cat should be kept indoors. Declawing of a cat involves surgical help as one is trying to detach the claws from the skin. However it is not necessary that after declawing, the behavior of the cats change.

What declawing involves

  • Declawing is the removal of the nail as well as the bone in the third section of a cat’s toe. This requires surgical help.
  • The cat needs to be put under anesthesia as it is a painful process.
  • The cat needs to stay overnight in the hospital.
  • Food is also not allowed during that time as the cat is under anesthesia.
  • After surgery great care needs to be taken for the next few days.
  • Torn paper and litter paper needs to be kept beside the cat as they are soft.

Cost of a declawing surgery

Would you like to know how much it costs to declaw a cat? Declawing a cat is expensive if done is a good clinic.

  • The cost of a declawing surgery depends on the height, weight, and age of the cat as the skin gets tougher when older. Costing also depends on the number of claws that is being amputated. Four paws costs more than two claws. Before the surgery, a blood sample test is done and a medication is given for pain
  • If declawing and surgery is done on the same day the cost is less. How much does it cost to declaw a cat will be based on the surgical procedures.This includes declawing, neuter or spay and other procedures.
  • 2 paws range from around 85 dollars to 220 dollars
  • 4 paws range from 120 dollars to 270 dollars

Declawing the cat is definitely a complicated process and it is not desirable as the claw is a major part of the cat itself. However in dire consequences if the cat needs to be clawed, it should be done carefully and conscientiously.


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