Does Your Dog Have Teeth Like You?

Your dog’s teeth

Has the question ever arisen that how many teeth does an adult dog have? The question to how many teeth does an adult dog have is simply amazing. You would be amazed to know that a dog is just like you. He needs to be similarly treated when it comes to oral health and hygiene. You should take as much care of your dogs teeth like you take care of your own. Dogs also have milk teeth like human babies which fall off after a certain age and then comes their adult doggy teeth that varies with age. Different age dogs have different number of teeth and these teeth which grow after six months of age are strong enough to last for a lifetime if properly taken care of.

The different kinds of dog teeth

Dogs have different varieties of teeth. They require very strong teeth because they survive mainly on meat and flesh. A dog generally has four kinds of teeth which consist of the following –


The canine teeth are the sharpest of all and are used to tear flesh. The molars as well as the premolars are used to grind flesh. On the other hand, the incisors are present in the front portion of a dog’s mouth.

A dog has 42 teeth in all. A puppy has 26 teeth while an adult dog has 42 teeth in all. By the time he is six months, an adult dog has 42 teeth in all.

An adult dog has two different sets of teeth just like a human being. An adult dog tooth is strong and large and these teeth are strong enough to last them for a lifetime.

How can you break up the number of teeth?

An adult dog has 12 incisors- 6 at the bottom and six at the top. They have four strong canines which are sharp and pointed. They have an amazing number of premolars- 16 of them on each side and ten molars.

How can you take care of your dogs teeth?

A dog needs equal amount of attention in their teeth. In case of negligence they tend to develop cavities in their teeth as well. Personal dental care is a must for your pet dog. If possible, dogs should also be brushed at night after meals. The best way to brush your doggy’s teeth is by letting you put your finger in his mouth with the help of some food and then once your finger is in, gently brush his teeth. Massaging the gum is a great way to take care of their teeth so that they are intact.

Brushing your dog’s teeth can be a fun time experience if done in a proper way. Taking care of dog’s teeth will let your pet feel fresh and happy. So next time if you are asked this question about how many teeth an adult dog has, you can promptly reply in an accurate manner.


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