Would you like to know how long does it take to become a personal trainer?

What are personal trainers?

Being personal trainers requires an individual to be fit and have a sound health. He needs to maintain good health and at the same time be cooperative and encouraging. There are many people who would like to be personal trainers but exactly how long does it take to be personal trainers?

Who can be personal trainers?

Personal trainers require passing a vigorous examination and health fitness test before they actually qualify as a personal trainer. A personal trainer needs to go through certification courses along with different kind of physical tests.

How long can these certification tests take?

The question to how long does it take to be a personal trainer depends on the exercises and the training that one would be taking. For people who are interested in the same, a personal training test can take up to a year or above as well. There are various kinds of fitness tests that one has to go through. They include training courses offered by the Fitness instruction course training programs which include a variety of subjects like the physical anatomy and bio mechanics, techniques of coaching, nutritional charts, and different kinds of personal training. A person in order to be a personal trainer needs to pass all these exams with at least a C grade. The courses can be taken on a quarterly basis. People taking that option would be finishing the whole course in round about three years.

There are very extensive training programs as well that take a long time to complete. They are very well trained in personal training like the American college of medicines and sports.

What are the qualifications?

In order to be a personal trainer, one must be an adult, have a good personal physique, a certificate from a good organization and have a high school degree or something similar. They should also have a certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Different personal fitness programs include different courses.

Different personal training methods
Online examinations –

There are online methods as well for people who would like to know how long it takes to become a personal trainer. These personal online training programs take a period of around four – six weeks to actually complete. After passing the online examination, you would be given a fitness certificate that would help you to proceed further.

Testing centers –

There are various online testing centers where you can go and enroll yourself for taking a personal training test. Depending on the aptitude, knowledge and experience of the individual, this test can take around 6-8 weeks in totality.

Workshops –

Many personal training centers also hold health camps and workshops where they teach individuals all basic of personal trainer and what all it takes to be a trainer.
In all, in order to be a good personal trainer it would take around 2- 3 years in total depending on the time consumed.


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