Extract Maximum Life Out of Your Car Battery

All automobiles which use a battery gets users worried about how long should a car battery last. It is quite possible that your car battery dies on you unexpectedly if you do not take care. This is especially problematic for car owners as there are no manual starting options. If the battery dies your vehicle will not start and you may get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, it is vital to keep track of the life and performance of your battery.

When Is The Battery Defective

The battery should retain the charge applied to it for a certain period of time. If the battery cannot retain the charge or loses its charge very rapidly it is considered as defective. This is mainly caused due to the sulphation process. There are acids in the battery which reacts with the electrodes of battery and produce electricity. This same process also coats the electrodes with lead sulphate. This coating prevents the battery to work properly.

The life of the battery varies on its amperage and the device drawing power from it.

Environmental factors like temperate, humidity, and others also affects how long should a car battery last.
Car battery life can span around 2 to 5 years depending on weather conditions.

Lead acid batteries tend to last slightly longer in colder temperatures.

Extend Life of Your Battery

The best way to extend your lead acid battery life is to charge it regularly. Owners should also take care not to deep discharge their battery. Hybrid car batteries often last more than 8 years. Rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries had a memory affect which caused voltage depression. This means if the battery is charged without fully discharging it, the battery remembered how much it was used and charged only as per the last discharged amount. This means if you had 25% battery charge left it will charge 75% only even if you discharged it fully the second time. This effect can be removed by fully discharging and then fully recharging the battery. This problem was solved to a great extent with nickel metal hydride battery.

The next evolution of lithium ion battery is not affected at all. Use a good quality charger to protect your batteries.

How To Take Care of Your Battery

The best situation for an automobile battery is when it gets charged during your travel to office and gets discharged when you return home at night. This is the best scenario and it helps you to charge the battery regularly when it runs in the morning.

Charging the battery sometimes with a dedicated charger gives it a solid charge.

The alternator of your vehicle may have become weak which will lead to a slow or insufficient charge.

Always remember to keep a check of your battery voltage and performance, once a year when your battery ages 2 to 3 years.

These checks will help you to understand how long should a car battery last and will help you avoid stranded situations.


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