Basics About How to Cremate a Dog and Expenses

Pet Cremation –

We all love our pets and would like to remember them forever. It is very common to be very sad when our first dog dies. It is also common to seek help on how to cremate a dog as most owners are not aware how to do that. This is the reason some people choose to cremate their pets and keep the ashes with them. Cremation services are similar to what is used for human cremation. The difference is that sometimes for lesser expenses funeral homes may burn a few animals together.

The cremation home normally arranges to pick up your dead pet from your home or your veterinarian facility. Once the cremation process is done they also deliver the ashes to you if you want. If disposal is handed over to the funeral home they give certification for safe disposal stating your pet’s details.

Services –

The pet crematories normally work with all types of normal pets. It takes upto 45 minutes to completely burn a small animal and bigger ones may take hours. Larger animals may attract additional fees. The cremation services are categorized into individual, communal, or private cremations. Individual and communal burns several animals together or in separate partitions. Private cremation will get your pet exclusive cremation in a completely separate furnace. Normally in communal and individual the ashes of the pets are disposed by the crematory. Some crematories will also let you watch the process if you request.

If keeping the ashes is not an appealing idea for you, the pet’s collar or other belongings can have similar memorial value.

Disposal of Remains –

If you have cremated your dog you can choose to keep his/her ashes with you. There are permanent pet urns available to keep the ashes. This helps you to memorialize your pet. Alternatively scattering the ashes in public properties or water is possible; just remember to check local guidelines to do so.

How to cremate a dog is a very common question as it is common to not know where to spread the ashes. To avoid legal or social problems with the ashes it is best to let the crematories handle this issue. If you have buried your dog and is leaving the state you also may want to cremate your dog before leaving town. There are many websites and articles to enlighten you on how much does it cost to cremate a dog. If you are a first time pet owner please go through these articles before deciding what to do. Burial services are also costlier than cremation so choose as per your choice.

How much does it cost to cremate a dog –

The communal and individual cremation charges vary from 50 to 150 dollars. Private cremations can set you back by upto 300 dollars.

A few crematoriums ask for an additional charge of around $45 to take the body after hours and on weekends.

Some cremation chambers permit the pet possessor to view the last rites, sometimes for an additional charge of around $25 or more.

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