Best Ways to Remove Water Spots From Your Car

It is quite common to find water marks on your car, especially after a rain or if you have not wiped down the water from the wash. The trace minerals, metals, and calcium are the most damaging items found in water. If the hard water stays on the car and gets a chance to dry up then the trace minerals are left behind. This leaves ugly spots on your car, which are difficult to remove. Here are a few suggestions which give ideas on how to remove water spots from your car.

Soaking your car with an increased quantity of shampoo and waiting for some time may work if the stains are not very old. Though this method may not work if the stains are more than two to three days old.

Vinegar is a good solution to remove such spots but it smells bad. It is advisable to shampoo wash your car after the vinegar application and wax it at the end. This is for the reason that vinegar is a kind of acid.

For tougher stains you may want to use a vinegar and baking soda paste. It is advisable to allow this paste to sit on the affected spots for many minutes. This will help the paste to get time to breakdown the mineral deposits.

Another item to remove water spots from your car is hydrochloric acid. This is a harsh chemical and you should always wash with water after applying this chemical. It is also advisable to not to allow the hydrochloric acid to sit on the paint surface for more than a few seconds.

If it is difficult for you or you are not sure about how to do the things described here it is best to take your car to the professionals. Water stain removing products are also available readily at car accessories shops or online which can be simply sprayed and wiped to remove water stains.


Rather than looking for ideas on how to remove water spots from your car it is better to not let it happen. Always remember to wax your car regularly to prevent this type of problem. A regularly waxed car will not get water stains easily as wax does not allow the water to stand. A waxy later on the top of the paint also allows for easy removal of dust and stains.

Another important method to prevent this type of problem is to try to wash your car in shade. If the water dries too quickly before you can reach the just washed area for wiping down the water, it will leave spots.

This is the reason why you should wash your car in shade. Rain water does not normally cause very severe damage if you are not living in an industrial area full of pollution. Rain damage is gradual and is of different composition and color.
It is normally the washing water which causes stains. If you wash at your home you can use filters to make your water soft. This will help you minimize or negate the effects of your hard water.


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